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Helping international shoppers buy and ship what they love from the Japan

We buy from all Japanese stores and ship worldwide, customers can earn up to 10% Cashback!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get cashback?

After receiving the package, you will get a 2% cashback in the form of a gift card based on the value of the goods. You can use this gift card to pay for future orders.
Depending on each promotion, customers may also receive an additional cashback of up to 10%.

Can you help me purchase items as quick as possible?

Sure. We purchase items for you on the same day you place your order successfully to prevent any issues with availability or pricing changes.

When will you ship my items?

When the products in your order arrive at Bagg's warehouse, we will pack them and send you a shipping request. We will ship your package out the same day you pay the shipping fee.

Can I confirm if the item I would like to purchase is a prohibited item?

You can learn more about products that cannot be shipped overseas here:

Once you place an order successfully, we guarantee that all the items in your order can be shipped. In case the item cannot be shipped, Bagg will refund you in the form of a gift card.

Are there any payment gateway fees?

There are no payment gateway fees. However, we charge a deposit fee of 3.5% of the total transaction amount.

The deposit fee will be included in the service fee when you place your order.
For example, if you order two t-shirts with a total price of 4,000 yen, the service fee will be (4,000 * 3.5%) + 300 = 440 yen.