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[2 drugs] Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Gyakuria 10 follicles

[2 drugs] Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Gyakuria 10 follicles

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Product Introduction

""Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Gyakuria 10 capsule"" is to normalize gastric juice emission function of, is a traditional Chinese medicine formulations will cure stomach pain, vomiting. Herbal medicine Rikkunshito (Rikkun to shake) is, will continue to improve the upset stomach to repeat from the functional surface. ● for those solar plexus can be used in such as acid reflux

Uses / Indications

In the following physical strength moderate, gastrointestinal weak, there is no appetite, can use the solar plexus, tired easily, following various diseases of those limbs is likely to cool in the anemic: Gastritis, gastrointestinal weakness, gastroptosis, indigestion, loss of appetite, stomach pain, vomiting

Recommended Dosage

Please take with water or hot water before meals or between meals for the next amount. ※ and between meals means ""between meals"", says that after a meal about 2 to 3 hours. Adult (over 15 years old): 1 times 1 capsule twice a day Less than 15 years old × Not to be taken Note related to the dosage and administration To adhere to a defined dosage and administration

Ingredients / Materials

Daily dose: 2 in the follicles (3.6g) Rikkunshito extract (1/2 amount): 1.9g ●Original herbal equivalent amount [Carrot: 2.0 g, sōjutsu: 2.0 g, Bukuryou: 2.0 g, Pinellia: 2.0 g, citrus unshiu peel: 1.0 g, gymnastics: 1.0 g, licorice: 0.5 g, ginger: 0.25 g] As an additive, containing stearic acid Mg, silicate Al, l-menthol, propylene glycol, silicic anhydride, lactose ● Because this drug is used natural product (herbal medicine), the color of the granules may be slightly different


● to consult 1. The next person is a doctor before taking, to consult a pharmacist or a registered seller (1) who are receiving medical treatment (2) people who might be pregnant or are pregnant (3) People who have redness, rash, caused the itching due to drug ever 2. After taking, because the following symptoms may appear there is a possibility of side effects, to immediately stop taking the drug, to consult with this document doctor, pharmacist or registered seller Related areas: Symptoms Skin: redness, rash, itching In rare cases it may occur following serious symptoms. Immediately to receive medical attention in the case that Name of symptoms: Symptoms Liver dysfunction: fever, itching, rash, (yellowing of the skin and whites of the) jaundice, Kasshokunyo, general malaise, such as loss of appetite appears Also taking about 3.1 months to stop taking the drug if the symptoms are often not, to consult a doctor, a pharmacist or a registered seller have this document Note on the storage and handling (1) be stored in a cool place with low humidity is not exposed to direct sunlight (2) Keep out of reach of children (3) Do not replaced with other container (change the quality or causing the abuse)
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