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[2nd-Class OTC Drug] Bokoren (96 Tablets)

[2nd-Class OTC Drug] Bokoren (96 Tablets)

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Product Introduction

"Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Bokoren 96 Tablets" is Kanpo prescription that gradually relieves uncomfortable symptoms such as painful urination, the feeling of residual urine, and frequent urination. A Kanpo prescription, "Gorin-san" consisting of eleven kinds of herbal medicines. It gradually alleviates uncomfortable feelings in the bladder or urethra such as urination pain, the feeling of residual urine, frequent urination, and the like. ● Suppresses painful urination pain, feeling of residual urine, inflammation clears away bacterias.

Uses / Indications

"Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Bokoren 96 tablets" is an herbal formula which is effective at reducing painful urination, frequent urination, and the feeling of not being completely empty. 11 Different types of natural medicine came together to create the [Gorinsan] treatment. If you feel uncomfortable in your bladder or urinary tract, this is the medicine for you. ● Suppresses painful urination pain, feeling of residual urine, inflammation, allows flushing of bacteria Next of various diseases of the things of physical strength moderate: frequent urination, urination pain, feeling of incomplete emptying, of urine turbidity

Recommended Dosage

Please take with water or hot water before meals or between meals for the next amount. ※ and between meals means ""between meals"", says that after a meal about 2 to 3 hours. Adult (over 15 years old): 1 times 4 tablets three times a day 7 years old or more and less than 15 years old: 1 times 3 tablets three times a day Less than 5 years or 7 years old: 1 times 2 tablets three times a day Less than 5 years old: Not to be taken Note related to the dosage and administration (1) to adhere to the prescribed dosage (2) Since the hygroscopic, that occupy firmly chuck each time of taking (3) If you want to take to the children, be taken under the supervision of their parents

Ingredients / Materials

Daily dose: 12 tablets in Five 淋散 fee extract: 2.55g <Original herbal equivalent amount> [Bukuryou: 3.0g, angelica: 1.5g, Scutellaria: 1.5g, licorice: 1.5g, peony: 1.0g, Sanshishi: 1.0g, rehmannia: 1.5g, Takusha: 1.5g, Mokutsuu: 1.5g, talc: 1.5g , Shazenshi: 1.5g] As an additive, containing silicic acid anhydride, CMC-Ca, stearic acid Mg, cellulose ● this drug is because of the use of natural products the (herbal medicine), there is the color of the tablet is slightly different


● to consult 1. The next person is a doctor before taking, to consult a pharmacist or a registered seller (1) who are receiving medical treatment (2) people who might be pregnant or are pregnant (3) gastrointestinal prone to diarrhea weak person (4) the elderly (5) people have the following symptoms: edema (6) the person has received the following diagnosis: high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney disease 2. After taking, because the following symptoms may appear there is a possibility of side effects, to immediately stop taking the drug, to consult with this package doctor, pharmacist or registered seller Related areas: Symptoms Digestive: loss of appetite, stomach discomfort In rare cases it may occur following serious symptoms. Immediately to receive medical attention in the case that Name of symptoms: Symptoms Interstitial pneumonia: or up the stairs, a little unreasonable to you or with shortness of breath, stuffy, chesty coughs, fever Nadogami is, these are or appear suddenly, to or persist False aldosteronism, myopathy: limbs of fatigue, numbness, in addition to the tightness and stiffness, weakness, muscle pain appear, gradually becomes stronger 3. After taking, because of the following symptoms may appear, in the case of persistent or enhancement of such symptoms are observed, stop taking the drug, to consult a doctor, a pharmacist or a registered seller with this package :diarrhea If you still taking about 4.1 months the symptoms are often not will stop taking the drug, to consult a doctor, a pharmacist or a registered seller with the products of the package Five. In the case of long-term chronic use, to consult a doctor, a pharmacist or a registered seller Note on the storage and handling (1) be stored securely tighten the chuck in a cool place with low humidity is not exposed to direct sunlight (2) Keep out of reach of children (3) Do not replaced with other container (change the quality or causing the abuse) (4) that does not deal with wet hands this drug
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