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(2nd-Class OTC Drug) Ichijiku Enema 40 - 40g x 10 Pieces

(2nd-Class OTC Drug) Ichijiku Enema 40 - 40g x 10 Pieces

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Product Introduction

In constipation that want more worked, of OTC pharmaceutical maximum capacity 40g "Constipation continues for a long time, it does not heal easily." At that time, figs enema 40 series of maximum capacity 40g in the OTC drug. It is also recommended for those unsatisfactory effect in fig enema 30g.

Uses / Indications

Constipation (constipation)

Recommended Dosage

12 years of age or older. Please one once (40g) was injected into the rectum. So if you do not seen the effect, should be further injected the same amount again.

Product Use

1. Remove the cap. Has a nozzle, while twisting the cap of the container, please gently pulled out. If you remove the cap with the body ※, there are times when the chemical comes out. Remove the cap of the container, please make sure that there are no scratches on the nozzle tip to be inserted. Gently inserted into the anal region from the nozzle tip of the enema. Gently inserted into the anal region from the nozzle tip of the enema. ※ If you can not smoothly inserted, toward the container insertion portion directly above, a little push out the drug solution, makes it easier to insert and wet the tip around. If you forcibly insert, please note that there is a risk of damage to the rectal mucosa. Put the medicine. 2. put the medicine. Slowly inject the liquid while squeezing the container (body part). After a while endure, defecate. 3. After a while endure, defecate. As a rule of thumb, 3 minutes to 10 minute wait, please defecation from a growing sufficiently the urge to have a bowel movement. (In wait time it is individual, also, depends on the symptoms.)

Ingredients / Materials

This product one (40g) in Day stations glycerin ... 20.00g Additives ... benzalkonium chloride content. Solvent ... purified water use.


Something you can not do Do not continuous use. (If you commonly used, the effect is reduced Yowashi (the so-called "familiar" is produced) will rely prone to drug.) To consult The next person is a physician before use, please consult your pharmacist or a registered seller. [1] People are receiving medical attention. [2] People who might be pregnant or are pregnant. (Flow it is desired that does not use because the risk of preterm birth.) [3] Senior citizens. 〔Four〕 Who have the following symptoms. Severe abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, People with hemorrhoids bleeding. 〔Five〕 Then the person who received the diagnosis. Heart disease. If 2 to no defecation be used three times, stop using it immediately, please consult a doctor, a pharmacist or a registered seller with this document. Other Notes You may receive the following symptoms may occur. Dizziness on standing up, heat sensation of the anal region, abdominal pain, discomfort
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