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(2nd-Class OTC Drug) MUHI Insect Repellent Musipale α30 60ml

(2nd-Class OTC Drug) MUHI Insect Repellent Musipale α30 60ml

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Product Introduction

"I insect of Muhi only Mushiperu α30 60ml" is the insect repellent agent of pharmaceuticals insect repellent ingredient (DEET) is the highest concentration ※ 30% compounded. Insect repellent effect is sustained firm 5-8 hours, mosquitoes, flies, other such as black flies (gnats), ticks, is also effective against chiggers. Suction of worry is small, is a non-gas spray type. ● "autothermal" "dengue", "tsutsugamushi disease," "severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome: SFTS" will help to prevent infection. ● go out and travel, the outdoors, etc., is a convenient compact container to a mobile. It is possible to bring baggage to the plane of overseas travel.

Uses / Indications

Mosquitoes, black flies (gnats), Abu, fleas, dust mites, ticks, biting flies, bed bugs (bedbugs), chiggers of repellent

Recommended Dosage

1. mosquitoes, black flies (gnats), Abu, fleas, house dust mites, ticks, biting flies, when used for repelling bedbugs (bed bugs) Please be evenly sprayed on the exposed surface of the skin an appropriate amount. Face, the neck, please be applied to the skin from the once spray an appropriate amount in the palm of your hand. 2. If you want to use for repelling chiggers The exposed surface of the skin an appropriate amount and footwear and pants hem, etc. Please be evenly sprayed on. Face, the neck, please be applied to the skin from the once spray an appropriate amount in the palm of your hand. Notes on dosage and administration (1) Since this product has a high concentration of DEET, please do not use in children under the age of 12. (2) this drug is a repellent against blood-sucking pests, not a disease of the therapeutic agent. (3) The drug is used only for external use, please do not ingest. (4), please adhere to the prescribed dosage. (5) aimlessly avoid the use was, mosquitoes, black flies use such as in the open air (gnats), and the like is large, please use only when necessary. (6) in the eyes or, drinking, licking, and in so as not to inhale, please do not rub your eyes in coated hand. (7) If it gets in your eyes, please wash immediately with plenty of water or lukewarm water. In addition, in the case where symptoms appear such condition is bad, immediately, please receive the medical care and tell your doctor that it contains DEET and ethanol to this drug. (8) around the eyes and mouth, please do not use the weak parts of the skin, such as mucous membrane and wound. If you took by mistake, please wash well with water immediately. (9) If you feel an abnormality in the unlikely event the skin, please discontinue use immediately. (10) the duration of the repellent effect of the one-time use of this product is approximately 5-8 hours. (11) After this product was sprayed or coated, in light of the situation of sweating, such as the user at the time of the elapsed time and use, as appropriate, please use this product again. (12) Notes on repelling chiggers · Drug only without relying, shirts, trousers, using, for example, boots, please do not expose the skin. - Since chiggers are hard to see, please apply before entering a living and have likely location. (13) shirt, if you want to spray the clothes of trousers, etc., depending on the type of fiber it might be altered by this drug. Please note that the synthetic fiber is easy to deterioration. (14) Please do not directly sprayed onto such as stockings. (There is a case where the dough spoil.)

Ingredients / Materials

In 100ml DEET: to repel 30.0g blood-sucking pests. Ethanol as an additive, and perfumes.


● it should not be (Protected not when the side effects prone) 1. Please do not use to the next site The wound surface, around the eyes, mucous membranes and the like. ● to consult 1. The following people physician before use, please consult your pharmacist or registered seller (1) who are receiving medical attention. (2) allergic reactions caused by such as medicine (redness, rash, itching, rash, etc.) who may have caused the. (3) people with eczema and sore. 2. After use, because the following symptoms may appear there is a possibility of side effects, stop using it immediately, please consult your doctor, a pharmacist or a registered seller with this description document Related areas: Symptoms Skin Fu: redness, rash, itching, swelling, etc. Note on the storage and handling (1) Please keep in a cool place protected from direct sunlight. (2) Please keep them out of the reach of children. (3) Please do not put the solution into other containers. (Quality or causing the abuse will change.) (4) Please do not adhere to the next thing. (There is a case to be altered.) Food, dishes, toys, painted surfaces, such as floors and furniture, glasses, watches, accessories, plastics, chemical fiber products, leather products, nail polish and the like. (5) Please do not close to the fire. (6) expiration date too much product (described and year and month to the bottom of the case and the bottom of the container) please do not use. Even within the expiration date, please use as soon as possible after opening in terms of quality preservation. The main infectious diseases that blood-sucking pest-mediated ※ These are specified in the 4 class infectious diseases notification is required either. Once appeared suspicious symptoms, please consult your doctor as soon as possible. Name of a disease Mosquito: blood-sucking pests to dengue fever (dengue virus) mediated Sudden fever, intense headache, joint pain, muscle pain, rash appears. Fatal "dengue hemorrhagic fever" and severe in some, it may be hit by plasma leakage and bleeding tendency. Name of a disease Autothermal (magnetization virus) mediated to blood-sucking pests: mosquitoes Mild fever, rash, conjunctivitis, muscle pain, joint pain, fatigue, headache appears. But mild as a symptom, because the association with microcephaly of the fetus is suggested, mother-to-child transmission (womb infection), blood transfusion, it is necessary to pay attention to the infection by sexual activity. Name of a disease Severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome: SFTS (SFTS virus) mediated to blood-sucking pests: ticks Fever, malaise, anorexia, gastrointestinal symptoms, lymphadenopathy, occurs bleeding, sometimes fatal to severe. Name of a disease Tsutsugamushi disease (pathogen Rickettsia) -mediated to blood-sucking pests: chiggers Malaise, fever, rash without itching appears in the whole body. Sometimes severe Without appropriate treatment.
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