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Aizu-producing rice Koshihikari 5kg

Aizu-producing rice Koshihikari 5kg

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Product Introduction

Aizu Highlands, is nestled in the Echigo mountains, tadami river, "Aizu Koshihikari" that has been nurtured in the rich water of the grace of the Agano River is rice Northeast one of the best, such as are found, especially A. Aizu Koshihikari, in the United States of taste rankings of Japan Grain Inspection Association, has the highest rating a "Special A" won more than once. Please relish once by all means. Bag of this product can be cut easily with hand. If you want to open small from the cut of the top, if you want wide open Please open from cut under the direction of the arrow.

Ingredients / Materials

Ingredients: Fukushima Prefecture Aizu Koshihikari


Product size (height x depth x width): 450.0mm × 60.0mm × 280.0mm


Since this bag is flammable, please do not place the fire near. Since the bag has a hole for ventilation, please be careful to water wet. Please do not put anything other than rice in the bag. Please keep in a cool place in a sealed container. Please take care because the rice easy sticks smell.
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