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Ajiizumi calcium crackers 12 sheets

Ajiizumi calcium crackers 12 sheets

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Product Introduction

Calcium and calcium in the body of an adult contains about 1kg in the human body weight 50kg. It is required for all ages from children to than the new year, but in particular is necessary for the growth period and lactation. Lack of calcium has been a problem in recent years.

Ingredients / Materials

(In one piece (about 6g) per) energy 24kcal, protein 0.7g, fat 0.9g, carbohydrates 3.3g, sodium 28mg, calcium 200mg


"12 sheets calcium crackers" contains calcium per sheet 200mg. This is, milk if 200ml minute, equivalent to 7 fish worth if anchovies. Handy calcium nutritional requirements 600mg (1 day of adult) in the three "calcium crackers", please enjoy delicious. Children grew up prime, those of maternal and lactating women, milk and fish is weaker, it is recommended for those who feel a lack of calcium.
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