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Akusenu AD-Control Lotion 120ml

Akusenu AD-Control Lotion 120ml

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Product Introduction

Plenty replenish the moisture that are missing. Arrange fresh sensitive skin to repeat the rustling. The skin dry and has become susceptible to irritation, it is a main barrier hypoallergenic lotion for feeding the "water". It trimmed fresh the stratum corneum with a high moisturizing effect, and prepares to stimulus intrusion difficult skin. ■ hypoallergenic, Unscented unpigmented Surfactant free paraben (preservative) free alcohol (ethanol) free (To all the people, it does not mean that the skin trouble does not occur.)

Product Use

An appropriate amount is 500 yen coin one to two sheets. Please use after the morning and evening cleansing.

Ingredients / Materials

Water | Glycerin | BG | citrate | citrate Na | Phenoxyethanol
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