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Akusenu all-day clear bright base SPF26 · PA ++ 30g

Akusenu all-day clear bright base SPF26 · PA ++ 30g

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Product Introduction

Wrap the stratum corneum and the skin surface in the water of the veil, Skin a whole to "cosmetic glue good state". Makeup base to form a protective film of water by proprietary technology [MC chitosan veil]. And at the same time satisfy the stratum corneum with moisture, and bright smoothly trimmed the skin dullness is conspicuous by turbulence and drying of the umbrella with-texture. ■ non-chemical type that does not use an ultraviolet absorber ■ Water-proof (it can be turned off in normal cleansing) ■ hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, alcohol (ethanol) free, non comedones transgenic tested (All does not occur skin problems in people, it does not mean that can not be the original of acne (comedones).)

Product Use

An appropriate amount of the pearl grain one to two tablets. Morning, at the end of the skin care, spread evenly over the entire face, let soften. You can off in the usual cleansing.

Ingredients / Materials

Water | Cyclopentasiloxane | titanium oxide | glycerin | BG | Dimethicone | hydroxide Al | (dimethicone / methicone) copolymer | licorice flavonoid | carboxymethylchitosan myristamidopropyl | glycyrrhizinate 2K | gentian extract | tocopherol | hyaluronate Na | phosphate ascorbyl Mg | (hydroxyethyl acrylate / acryloyl dimethyl taurine Na) copolymer | sorbitan isostearate | isohexadecane | citrulline | dimerdilinoleic di (isostearyl / phytosteryl) | perfluoro methyl isopropyl | polysorbate 60 | methylparaben
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