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Akusenu facial soap AD 100g

Akusenu facial soap AD 100g

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Product Introduction

Fine-grained foaming friendly to sensitive skin. Wash out firmly the only dirt you do not want to leave. Cut oleic acid lauric acid (a fatty acid as a stimulus to the skin). While keeping the moisture necessary for the rustling skin, soap to remove the dirt. Soap component is less likely to remain in the skin, gently washes the skin. ■ hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, color-free, paraben (preservative) free alcohol (ethanol) free (To all the people, it does not mean that the skin trouble does not occur.)

Product Use

Palm with enough lather, wash gently so as to enclose with foam. Rinse good rule of thumb is 20 times with lukewarm water.

Ingredients / Materials

Water | myristic acid Na | sucrose | sorbitol | maltitol | palmitate Na | isostearate Na | glycerin | myristate K | PPG-17 | diglycerin | stearate Na | palmitate K | isostearate K | stearate K | chloride Na | etidronate 4Na
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