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Akusenu Milky Gel AD 60ml

Akusenu Milky Gel AD 60ml

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Product Introduction

Ideal for wet morning of the coercive of sensitive skin, Innovation Sarah was feeling. Gel type of moisturizer that does not contain oil or emulsifier. Lightly it extends as emulsions, is a feeling of use does not feel sticky. At the end of the morning of skin care. The skin surface to form a protective film of aqueous, and protect the skin during the day. ■ hypoallergenic, Unscented unpigmented Surfactant free paraben (preservative) free alcohol (ethanol) free (To all the people, it does not mean that the skin trouble does not occur.)

Product Use

Appropriate amount of 1 to 2 push. Please use such as after the morning of lotion and beauty solution. Please use one push larger amount than an appropriate amount if you want dampening firm guarantee ※. ※ You can use it at night.

Ingredients / Materials

Water | Glycerin | BG | allantoin | hyaluronate Na | hydroxide Na | Carbomer | xanthan | phenoxyethanol | titanium oxide
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