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Akusenu Moisture Essence

Akusenu Moisture Essence

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Product Introduction

The skin surface moist and smooth. "Hyaluronic acid" solution of the high-concentration-polymer type. In just 1g, hyaluronic acid Na formulation for holding 6ℓ ones moisture. While Kakaekomi the moisture in the stratum corneum, and prepares the rustling the skin surface moist smooth. Surfactant-free oil-free. ■ hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, non-colored alcohol (ethanol) free (To all the people, it does not mean that the skin trouble does not occur.)

Product Use

An appropriate amount is two to three push. Please use after the morning and evening make-up water.

Ingredients / Materials

Water | BG | glycerin | sorbitol | hyaluronate Na | xanthan gum | citrate | citrate Na | methylparaben
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