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Akusenu skin lotion I 200ml

Akusenu skin lotion I 200ml

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Product Introduction

In the stratum corneum the drying progresses To plenty of supply of water is not enough. Moist type (200ml) Hypoallergenic, alcohol (ethanol) free pioneer By now, the makeup water. Dry fed plenty moisture in the stratum corneum, which has become sensitive to, to keep the skin in healthy. ■ hypoallergenic, Unscented unpigmented Surfactant free alcohol (ethanol) free (It does not mean that does not occur skin trouble to all the people.)

Product Use

An appropriate amount is 500 yen coin one to two sheets. Please use after the morning and evening cleansing.

Ingredients / Materials

Water | BG | glycerin | hydroxide Na | carbomer | citrate | citrate Na | methylparaben
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