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aojiru green juice Cho-active Sururun Green Juice Powder 150g

aojiru green juice Cho-active Sururun Green Juice Powder 150g

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Product Introduction

Cho-active Sururun Green Juice Powder 150g ---A new era for green juice!--- Other than over 15 kinds of vegetable powder and 7 kinds of vitamins, the Cho-active Sururun Green Juice powder is formulated with lactic acid bacteria, oligosaccharide and phyllium husk, packed with both water soluble and insoluble dietary fibers to provide superior nutrition and at the same time support and cleanse your intestines. ---What are the health benefits of psyllium?--- Psyllium is a form of dietary fiber made from the husks of the Plantago ovata plant’s seeds, helps to promote regular bowel movements and is often referred to as a colon cleanser. When combined with water, psyllium husks bulk and form a gel (that is naturally gluten free), and as it is transported through the intestinal tract, the formed gel will gently “scrub” your intestines clean taking waste with it as it move along. If taken before a meal, the psyllium husks will have time to expand within your stomach giving a full feeling and help to prevent overeating. ---TASTY! SUGAR-FREE! LOW CALORIES!--- Aside from the nutrient contents, the taste is equally important for us. The Cho-active Sururun Green Juice powder is 100% made in Japan with natural ingredients mixed with high quality Matcha powder. Instead of that grassy veggie flavor you usually find in green powders, this taste exactly like a cup of soothing green tea! Other than drinking on its own, it matches perfectly with dairy or soy products and can be added into varieties of beverages and dishes. With only 13.1kcal per serving, this product is completely sugar-free and we use “Lo Han Guo (monk fruit)” as a natural sweetener. ---Recommended if you……--- ・are looking for a healthy alternative to sugary drinks ・are looking for something handy to make up for the nutrition you lack daily ・are wanting to lose excess weight ・are suffering from constipation and want to keep your digestive system healthy

Product Use

Recommended usage: 5g per day (about 2-3 scoop with attached spoon) Mix 5g with water or any beverages or desserts you prefer. This product goes especially well with dairy or soy products. ※Psyllium husk in the product once mixed with liquid will absorb the liquid and will thicken up the liquid if not drank immediately. ※Psyllium husk tends to bulk into a gel form faster when heated.

Ingredients / Materials

Psyllium husk powder, polydextrose, linear oligosaccharide, fructo-oligosaccharide, seaweed Ca, barley young leaves powder, powdered tea powder, konnyaku powder, mixed vegetable powder mixed powder (young leaves of barley, end of kale, end of broccoli, end of pumpkin, etc.), dolomite , bacillus coagulans, lactic acid bacteria powder (bactericidal lactic acid bacteria, dextrin) (including milk ingredients), vegetable lactic acid bacteria powder (bactericidal plant lactic acid bacteria, dextrin) / VC, fragrance (derived from milk · soybean), sweetener VE, niacin, lactoferrin (from milk), pantothenic acid Ca, V. B 1, V. B 6, V. B 2, VA, folic acid, V. D 3, V. B 12


・Please confirm that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients before usage. ・If you have known bowel disease, please consult your doctor before usage. ・Due to the use of natural ingredients, color and flavor may slightly vary depending on batches. ・As the product promotes active bowel movements, please refrain from use if you are pregnant.
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