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Baby Teeth Brushing Lesson Stage 4 (2 Brushes)

Baby Teeth Brushing Lesson Stage 4 (2 Brushes)

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Product Introduction

Together from 1 year old six months for children of around 3 years old, it is a toothbrush (for the baby), which can firmly brush practice on their own that combines kindness and cleaning effect on your mouth.

Ingredients / Materials

The main body part: Polypropylene Rubber part: TPE Hair: saturated polyester resin, nylon ※ boiling, range, chemical disinfection are not allowed.


2 types of brush hair and dirt of the surface without damaging the gums. Well I got to polish non-slip grip and straight handle on their own. Marked the orientation of the brush even during use can be found.


● The toothbrush is not a toy. Please do not play leave for safety, was allowed added. It may cause an unexpected accident. ● Please use the original guardian of supervision. ● Pulling chewing brush hair, please note that it may escape. ● After use, well washed with running water, after the draining, please keep out of the reach of children. ● or have received dental treatment, one and you are suffering from a disease of the teeth and tooth Guki, if you use this product bleeding tooth Guki was or swelling teeth Guki may not stop and discontinue use , please use on the consultation with the dentist.
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