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Bifesuta cleansing lotion Moist [body] 300ml

Bifesuta cleansing lotion Moist [body] 300ml

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Product Introduction

"Moist" completely refreshes and moisturizes skin! Containing skin lotion ingredients, this Cleansing Lotion in a single bottle removes makeup and cares for skin with lotion! No need for rinsing! Containing adsorptive hyaluronic acid for richly moisturized skin. Wipe-off type (use with cotton)

Product Use

1. Cotton is taken up in hand, it included plenty about 3 push per sheet cleansing lotion. 2. th original and mouth will wipe gently from the warmer place while the cotton that was included plenty of lotion. 3. The entire face is wiping gently so as to slide the cotton. Cotton is replaced with new cotton dirty. 4. Makeup Remover when it is no longer stuck dirt in cotton is completed. Since the moisture component remains on the skin, you do not need to wash away. It is OK as it is proceed to the skin care of the next step.

Ingredients / Materials

Water, DPG, polyglyceryl laurate -10, polyglyceryl caprylate -3, PEG-6 (caprylic / capric acid) Guriserizu, glycerol, PEG-400, PPG-14 diglyceryl dihydroxypropyl Arginine HCl, hydroxypropyl hyaluronic acid propyl tri Moniumu, myristoyl glutamate Na, citric acid Na, EDTA-2Na, citrate, cocoylarginine ethyl PCA, (styrene / vinylpyrrolidone) copolymer, phenoxyethanol


※ waterproof mascara can be difficult to fall. In that case, we recommend that you use a "sell falling water cleansing Eye Makeup Remover". "Ur fell water cleansing Eye Makeup Remover" contains the oil component. When you really want to cleansing ※, so you run down moisturizing ingredients without such as facial cleanser, it is recommended that you rinse lightly with water or lukewarm water. ※ note that turning a blind eye Close your eyes, when you feel or abnormal when you enter, please rinse immediately. Abnormal If the (blurred vision, etc.) remains, please consult to the ophthalmologist. Please note that as the side of your Eyelash extensions not too rubbing ※. It will cause the Extended can be taken.
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