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BL All-in-One

BL All-in-One

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Product Introduction

"Bausch & Lomb O2 all-in-one 120ml × 2-pack" is a cleaning and storage solution of one type that can be used in all of O2 hard lens. Enzyme formulations. Firmly decomposition, powerful cleaning up stubborn protein stains. Moisturize MH polymer is in the lens, keeping you comfortable wearing feel. Because antibacterial type, suppress the growth of bacteria during storage, it is kept clean the lens.

Product Use

1. Drop 2-3 drops of O2 all-in-one on the lens that is removed from the eye, and turn from rub lightly on the holder. To save more than 4 hours in the lens case filled with O2 all-in-one. (It has finished cleaning and protein removal during this time.) 2. When you wear the lens, you can wear the lens from rinsed enough while tap water was placed in a holder. ※ Please note that when the water flow is too strong lens There is a risk that deviate from the holder.

Ingredients / Materials

Proteolytic enzyme, anionic surfactant, MPC polymer (MH polymer)


● this drug can not be used in soft contact lenses. ● Please wash well with soap and a sure hand before handling the lens. ● lens case is washing firmly rinsed with tap water every day, please let dry naturally. ● Please do not eye drops or oral this drug. ● If you feel abnormal stimulation or to the eyes and skin discontinue use immediately, please consult your doctor. ● Please be careful not to touch your fingers or other vessels to the spout of the bottle. In addition, after use, please promptly and firmly close the cap. ● In order to maintain the quality to avoid misuse, please do not use transferred to another container. ● Please do not mix with other liquids. ● once solution using Please do not re-use. ● In low humidity state Avoid direct sunlight, please stored at room temperature. ● Please keep out of reach of children. ● in the case to be used by children, please let used under the supervision of their parents. ● care products past the expiration date, please do not use absolutely. ● Please use as soon as possible after opening.
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