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Blade silver-tone one Panasonic men's shaver ES-RS10-S

Blade silver-tone one Panasonic men's shaver ES-RS10-S

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Product Introduction

One blade travel and business trip, convenient compact ◆ power AA batteries in a stainless steel one blade ◆ mobile long-lasting compact shaver ◆ shaving souvenir also recommended to overseas


Power DC3V (AA alkaline batteries ※ 1 × 2 present or AA rechargeable batteries ※ 2 × 2 pieces) About 30 days can be used with the use of about 3 minutes once a number of days used per day Dimensions Height 7.8 × Width 6 × depth 2.3cm Body weight (wt) to about 75 g (excluding cap batteries) Consumable products and sold separately outside the blade ES9943 The inner blade ES9942 Producer Made in Japan Package size height 10.6 × width 6.8 × depth 2.6cm


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