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"Bonyu Jikkan" Cap Food Set Light Green

"Bonyu Jikkan" Cap Food Set Light Green

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Product Introduction

"Pigeon breast milk felt cap Food set light green" is a set of only cap and the hood. (Nipples sold separately) breast milk feeling bottle only. It can also be attached to a conventional product of breast milk feeling. (K type do not perform to) please use the cap and the hood is always in the set. Pigeon Co., Ltd.

Product Use

● cleaning and disinfection: please use the always cleaned and disinfected. "Boil" - a large pan to your water with plenty put, put the cap-hood was washed well, you were shaking boiling over the fire. Disinfection time is 3-5 minutes after boiling, and the like. • Do not boil put plenty of hot water and there is a risk of deformation on the edge of the pan. - Excessive boiling, will damage quickly the product. The "chemical disinfection", chemicals disinfection, "vision milk Pong" and the like, please use the baby bottle nipples dedicated disinfectant. For more information, please follow the instructions of the disinfectant. Please use the "microwave disinfection" - always dedicated instrument. It is not possible to disinfect put in a microwave oven as it is a cap-hood. And disinfection method please follow the handling of the instrument. · Please use according to your owner's manual of the microwave oven.


* Please do not place near the fire. • This cap-hood, Pigeon K type baby bottles, mugs, does not offer used for baby cup.
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