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Cheki camera INS mini 70 White [instant camera White]

Cheki camera INS mini 70 White [instant camera White]

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Product Introduction

※When we ship this product, we will ship the lithium battery inside of the camera. ● background clean flash mounted Without the need for special operations, indoor or night simply by pressing the shutter it is equipped with a background clean flash to take clean. ● Ideal for Selphie (self-portrait) It will be set set to the optimal focal length and brightness and to "SELPHY mode". In addition, the shooting range in the self-shot mirror can be confirmed. ● equipped with a variety of shooting functions Artistic take pictures high key mode or macro mode and Landscape mode, and also equipped with features such as the self-timer (one-two continuous).


● use film: Fujifilm instant film instax mini ● film size: 86mm × 54mm ● screen size: 62mm × 46mm ● Lens: 2 group two retractable Fujinon lens configuration f = 60 mm 1: 12.7 ● Viewfinder: real-image finder 0.37-fold with a target mark ● shooting distance: Electric 3-point switching type (0.3m ~ 0.6m / 0.6m ~ 3m / 3m ~ ∞) / macro mode: (0.3m ~ 0.6m) / Standard mode: (0.6m ~ 3m) / Landscape mode: (3m ~ ∞) ● Shutter: program electronic shutter 1/2 seconds to 1/400 seconds ● exposure adjustment automatic adjustment linked range: LV5.0 ~ 15.5 (ISO800) exposure correction (Hi-Key): + 2 / 3EV ● film feed: motorized ● film development time: 90 seconds (the time will vary depending on temperature) ● Flash: low brightness automatic flash auto flash (auto dimming) Charging time: 0.2 seconds to 7 seconds (when new batteries used) flash charging Showing forced emission enable flash shooting distance: 0.3 m - 2.7 m ● Self-timer: Electronic operating time: about 10 seconds continuous shooting mode there can be released during the ● LCD display: the film counter (remaining number display) Shooting mode (SELPHY, macro, distant view, flash forced flash, Hi-Key) ● self-timer mode (one / two continuous shooting) ● Power: two lithium batteries (CR2) ● number of possible shots: about 40 pack ● Other: film pack confirmation window, tripod screw hole (tripod sold separately) ● The size and weight (Weight): (excluding projections) 99.2mm × 113.7mm × 53.2mm 281g (battery, strap, by the film)


The film is sold separately.
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