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Cheki instax mini 8+ (plus) Vanilla [instant camera vanilla]

Cheki instax mini 8+ (plus) Vanilla [instant camera vanilla]

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Product Introduction

■ If there is a photo When you take will come out soon cheki, is more fun every day! Since taking prints of ready-to-card size in situ enjoy, events such as weddings and parties, of course, cheki is very active in taking shooting and their day-to-day scene! ■ self-shot mirror with a fun, cute, more Plus! Own take happy to be photographed while watching the lens next to the mirror. If self-take is possible, "fun" is also "cute" is also infinite! ■ also take in beautiful things nearby with a close-up lens! Close-up lens adapter that take close to about 35cm. Pets and flowers, when you want to take a large, such as accessories and Suites is, if you use the close-up lens, you Utsuse on the subject. ■ film Easy operation is coming out soon! Power ON Press the lens next to the button. Align the dial to where it is on, it will come out as soon as photos Once you take. ■ How to move to brightness adjustment dial! Cheki instax mini 8+ (plus) is sensed by the automatic setting of appropriate brightness, and then let us know by lighting the lamp of brightness adjustment dial. Turn the brightness adjustment dial, please according to the setting in which the lamp is lit (Illustration). ■ high-key take pictures easy! If you set the brightness adjustment dial to "high key mode" artistic take pictures.


Background clean flash mounted Without the need for special operations, indoor or night simply by pressing the shutter it is equipped with a background clean flash to take clean. Ideal for Selphie (self-portrait)  It will be set set to the optimal focal length and brightness and to "SELPHY mode". In addition, the shooting range in the self-shot mirror can be confirmed. Versatile shooting functions Artistic take pictures high key mode or macro mode and Landscape mode, and also equipped with features such as the self-timer (one-two continuous). Accessories hand strap / + cheki take advantage BOOK / close-up lens / AA alkaline batteries 2 / warranty


The film is sold separately.
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