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Chiobitadorinku 2000 (100ml)

Chiobitadorinku 2000 (100ml)

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Product Introduction

"Chiobita drink 2000 100ml × 3" is a nourishing drink of taurine 2000mg compounding. Please use the nutrition of tonic-frail health, physical fatigue. Quasi-drugs. Chiobita (R)

Product Use

Adult (15 years of age or older), please take one once a day (100ml). ※ children (under 15 years old), please do not take.

Ingredients / Materials

White sugar, fructose, glucose, DL- malic acid, propyl gallate, benzoic acid Na, ph adjusting agent, vanillin, perfume

Ingredients / Materials

One (100ml) in taurine: 2000mg · inositol: 50mg · nicotinic acid amide: 20mg · Vitamin B1 nitrate: 5mg · vitamin B2 phosphate ester: 5mg · Vitamin B6: 5mg · carnitine chloride: 100mg · anhydrous caffeine: 50mg


1. Upon taking, please read the label on the container well. 2. Please observe the dosage and administration (please note the overdose such as in the case of using the formulations containing other vitamins, etc. at the same time). 3. Please keep in a cool place not exposed to direct sunlight. 4. Please keep out of the reach of children. 5. product past the expiration date, please do not take. ※ When opening, please be careful to avoid injury to hands and fingers. ※ opening that have been product, please do not take.
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