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Cosmetics treatments shower head obleu

Cosmetics treatments shower head obleu

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Product Introduction

● collect all the wisdom and technology pulled out the power possessed by the water and foam, cosmetic treatments shower "Oburu". In order to beautifully brighten the woman, beauty water shower head like a dream was born. ● usual bus time, to the beauty time. Not only can feel comfortable feel silky, dirt of pores in the power of foam also washed away in clear, leads to skin shiny. Then, attach the cosmetics cartridge, if ON the switch, in the sense that if I were immersed in the beauty solution. If Abire 30 seconds from head to toe, will be wrapped in a sense of well-being, such as care of the whole body in the beauty while at home. ● Oburu of three major effects: 1 "drop" Oburu to generate fine bubbles called microbubbles are countless, not only can feel comfortable feel silky, dirt of pores in the power of foam also washed away in clear, it leads to skin be beautiful. ● Oburu of three major effects: 2 "warm" From the moment you put the shower head in the tub released about 3300 pussy a large amount of micro-bubbles that ※. Milky white silky bus for us also also meet the mind body. ※ per liter ● Oburu of three major effects: 3 "moisten" The cosmetics cartridge of Oburu has moisturizing ingredients such as high-purity collagen ※ are plenty of compounding. Wearing the cartridge, by ON the cosmetics switch, it will wrap the whole body with moisture. ※ water-soluble collagen ● Oburu considering the bus environment and the global environment Oburu not only to generate a micro-bubble, you can reduce the water flow rate as compared to conventional products. As a result, it is possible to water-saving about 40 percent. ● microbubbles and is Microbubbles generally refers to the foam having a diameter of about several tens of microns from a few microns. Has a very specific nature, have been utilized in various fields. Microbubbles is better to wash. It is, the surface of the micro-bubble is due to the fact that are negatively charged. Since the dirt is in many cases are positively charged, positive and negative inquiries, dirt on the surface of the microbubbles and adsorption. As a result, that the dirt flies out of the water along with the micro-bubble, you can remove the dirt. In addition, sebum is good very compatible and microbubbles. Micro-bubble is very useful for applications that such a purification of the water. · In addition, the micro-bubble is also expected in terms of heat insulation. The interior of the microbubbles is a gas, but the gas is there is a difficult nature that through the heat. And add this micro-bubble in the bathtub, micro-bubble to the surface of the skin is attached, will be sandwiched between the body and the hot water. Then, less likely to escape the body of heat, it is said that thermal effect can be obtained.
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