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Daily fruit fruit plenty of cake bar

Daily fruit fruit plenty of cake bar

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Product Introduction

Dried fruit is plenty of fruit balanced nutrition. Crowded plenty of kneading the fruit, and finished with a moist and delicious fruit cake. Nutrition, such as happy dietary fiber and vitamins to the body also contained. 5 kinds of vitamins, calcium, iron contains one-third of the amount needed for one day per 1 bag (one).

Ingredients / Materials

Flour, shortening, sugar, malt sugar, prunes, raisins paste, syrup, butter, concentrated whole egg, apple jelly, apple juice concentrate, orange juice concentrate, dried bean curd, salt, modified starch, sorbitol, carbonate Ca, emulsifiers, perfumes, leavening, glycerin, iron pyrophosphate, antioxidant (tea extract, VE), acidulants, thickeners (pectin), VE, V.B1, V.B2, VA, VD, a part of the (raw including soy)


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