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Dekodeko cool S for adults (12 + 4 sheets)

Dekodeko cool S for adults (12 + 4 sheets)

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Product Introduction

"Dekodeko Cool S 12 + 4 sheets for adults (16 pieces)" is for adults cooling sheet to cool the hot flashes of sudden fever and body. Or when you want to focus on, such as work, you can use it to refresh when sleepy. Weakly acidic, Faint Smell. .

Product Use

- A transparent film is g, please put to the site you want cooling the gel surface. Refrigerator and use from cooled, etc., more cooling effect can be obtained. (Please do not put in the refrigerator.) - Used, depending on the site, please use cut in at the appropriate size scissors.


• Do not use to the next site. * Eye and eye around the, and when the mucous membranes, etc. * eczema, rash, does not fit the weak site-skin of the skin, such as site * armpit with abnormal skin such as scratches opening, during use, rash after use, redness, itching discontinue use immediately in case the abnormality of the etc. appeared, please consult your doctor or pharmacist. • When you use in infants, the original guardian of supervision, eating, so that you do not paste it into the mouth and nose, sufficiently attention please. And mouth and because there is a danger that lead to accidents, such as the nose on sticks and suffocation, please use caution. • When the sweating, please use from the blowing well it will be poor sticking. In addition, if the repeated re-paste, is sticking it will be bad, should be avoided as much as possible. After opening, so we will continue to decrease in the cooling effect is gradually, please use as soon as possible. · Your use of this product, please and as long as one once on the health and functional. * This product is because it is not a drug, should be used as such as heat cool of the auxiliary tool. If the fever persists, we recommend that you consult your doctor or pharmacist.
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