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Delgado magnetic van V 48 tablets

Delgado magnetic van V 48 tablets

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Product Introduction

Effective against shoulder, neck, waist remaining Delgado magnetic van V is affixed type magnet therapy of having a magnetic flux density of about 145MT. The lines of magnetic force generated between the NS and improve blood circulation of the application site to penetrate into the skin, loosen the effective stiffness. It can be treated with just stick to easily at any time. Unlike poultices, etc., it can be treated without hesitation around there is no smell. Hot water you can also bathing remain stuck because it does not rust or among. Medical Equipment Management Medical Device Certification (approval) number: 219AKBZX00018000

Product Use

Shoulder, neck, and to clean and wipe the location of the sweat and dirt with the rest, such as the waist, Please attach one to several grains.

Ingredients / Materials

Composition magnet: ferrite magnets, bandages: polyvinyl chloride resin film / rubber adhesives, separator: Paper
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