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[Designated 2 drugs] Dokishin tablets 18 tablets

[Designated 2 drugs] Dokishin tablets 18 tablets

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Product Introduction

"Dokishin tablets 18 tablets" is, relaxes muscles, is quickly effective against drugs in stiff neck, low back pain with pain. Methocarbamol of the main component, suppress the reflection of the nerves, relieve pain, except for the muscle of abnormal tension and stiffness. Blended ethenzamide quell the pain. Dibenzoyl thiamine to help the work of methocarbamol and ethenzamide, tocopheryl acetate esters, and the like may act cooperatively, and improve the symptoms associated with the muscle of abnormal tension, spasms, pain (stiff neck, back pain, muscle pain, etc.) . It is a white tablet of elliptical sphere. ● it to this Stiff neck, frozen shoulder, low back pain, forty shoulder, muscle pain, muscle pain after sports, differences sleeping, sprains, bruises

Uses / Indications

Next of various diseases associated with the muscle of abnormal tension, cramps, pain Low back pain, stiff neck, muscle pain, forty waist, frozen shoulder, neuralgia, differences sleeping, sprains, bruises, muscle pain after sport, joint pain

Recommended Dosage

The following amounts, as much as possible to avoid the fasting, with water or hot water, be taken without chewing. Age 1 dose daily number of doses 15 years of age or older: 1 times 2 tablets three times a day 12-year-old -14-year-old: 1 tablet three times a day once Under 12 years of age: Not to be taken Note related to the dosage and administration (1) If you want to take to the children, it is taken under the supervision of their parents. (2) to adhere to the dosage and administration. (3) How to take out of the tablet The convex portion of the PTP sheet that contains the tablet by pressing firmly with a finger tip, breaking the back surface of the aluminum foil, be patient to remove. (Erroneously lead to such accidents pierce the esophageal mucosa and swallowed as it is.)

Ingredients / Materials

6 tablets (more than 15-year-old daily dose) in Methocarbamol: Hold the reflection of 1,500mg nerve, relieve pain, except for the muscle of abnormal tension and stiffness. Ethenzamide: 900mg in the analgesic component of non-pyrazolone, it relieves the pain. Anhydrous caffeine: help the work of the component to suppress the 90mg pain. Tocopherol acetate (vitamin E acetate): to improve the blood flow of 90mg peripheral, will help the work of the component to improve the muscle of abnormal tension and stiffness. Dibenzoyl thiamine (vitamin B1 derivative): helps the function of the component to suppress the 24mg pain. Additive Carmellose Ca, sodium hydrate citrate, stearic acid Mg, hydroxypropyl cellulose, silicic acid anhydride, metasilicate aluminate Mg


● it should not be (Failure to comply or the current worsening of symptoms, is likely to occur side effects and accidents) 1. The next person that you do not take (1) who may have allergic reactions caused by the components of the agent or the agent. (2) the agent or other antipyretic analgesics, person taking cold medicine have had asthma. 2. While taking this drug, that any of the pharmaceutical of the following also not take Other antipyretic analgesics, cold medicines, sedatives 3. After taking, not to the driving operation of the vehicle or machinery (Which may be drowsiness, etc. may occur) Four. That before and after taking does not drink Five. That no long-term use ● to consult 1. The next person is a physician before use, dentist, to consult a pharmacist or a registered seller (1) who are receiving medical doctor or dentist. (2) people who might be pregnant or are pregnant. (3) varicella (chickenpox) or or suffering from influenza children with suspected (12-year-old to 14 years old). (4) the elderly. (5) People who have had allergic reactions caused by such drugs. (6) the person who received the following diagnostic Heart disease, kidney disease, liver disease, stomach and duodenal ulcers
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