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Colgen Kowa

[Designated 2 drugs] Korugen Kowa IB2 16 capsule

[Designated 2 drugs] Korugen Kowa IB2 16 capsule

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Product Introduction

When to want you to worked long! [Sore throat], the effect will persist in taking twice a day to [runny nose].   - Features 2 Blended slowly melts granules and quickly dissolve the granules, it takes effect in two doses a day!   ※ The drugs, please use carefully read the "Usage Notes". People with allergies, be sure pharmacist, please consult your registered seller.

Uses / Indications

Symptoms of the common cold (sore throat, fever, runny nose, stuffy nose, sneezing, coughing, phlegm, chills, headache, joint pain, muscle pain) of relaxation

Recommended Dosage

Please take with water or hot water the amount of the following within as much as possible 30 minutes after dinner morning. Age 1 dose daily number of doses Adult (15 years or older) 2 capsules twice Not to be taken under the age of 15 children

Ingredients / Materials

Component name quantity work Ibuprofen 200mg sore throat, fever, and relieve headache, joint pain, muscle pain. d- chlorpheniramine maleate 1.75mg runny nose, stuffy nose, you suppress the sneezing. We suppress excessive secretion of iodide isopropamide 2.5mg runny nose. Worked directly into the central of dextromethorphan hydrobromide hydrate 24mg cough, calm the cough. To extend the dl- methyl ephedrine hydrochloride 30mg bronchi, calm the cough, it helps the discharge of phlegm. Relieve the anhydrous caffeine 37.5mg headache.


■ What not to do with (You can observe not if the current symptoms worse, the side effects are likely to occur) 1. Please do not take the next person (1) who may have allergic reactions caused by the components of the agent or the agent. (2) the agent or other cold medicine, who were taking analgesics have had asthma. (3) 15-year-old less than in children. (4) the expected delivery date 12 pregnant women within weeks. 2. While taking this drug, please do not also use the following any of the medicines Other cold medicine, antipyretic analgesics, sedatives, cough medicine, containing antihistamines Internal medicine, etc. (for rhinitis oral medicine, motion sickness drugs, allergy drugs, etc.), gastrointestinal pain antispasmodics 3. After taking, (you may drowsiness, etc. may occur.) Please do not the driving operation of vehicles or machinery Four. Please do not drink before and after taking 5. Please do not take more than 5 days To consult ■ 1. The next person is a doctor before taking, please consult your pharmacist or registered seller (1) who are receiving medical doctor or dentist. (2) people who might be pregnant or are pregnant. (3) people in nursing. (4) the elderly. (5) People who have had allergic reactions caused by such drugs. (6) who have the following symptoms. High fever, difficult urination (7) the person who received the following diagnosis. Thyroid dysfunction, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, liver disease, kidney disease, glaucoma, Systemic lupus erythematosus, mixed connective tissue disease (8) people who have applied to the next of the disease. Stomach and duodenal ulcer, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease 2. After taking, because the following symptoms may appear there is a possibility of side effects, Stop taking the drug immediately, please consult your doctor, a pharmacist or a registered seller with the attached document [Related areas: Symptoms] Skin: redness, rash, itching, can bruises Gastrointestinal: nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, heartburn, heavy stomach, abdominal pain, diarrhea, Blood in the stool, gastrointestinal bleeding, stomatitis, stomach discomfort, stomach pain Spirit nervous system: dizziness, headache Cardiovascular: palpitations Respiratory: shortness of breath, breathlessness Urology: difficulty urinating Other: nosebleed, bleeding of the gums, bleeding is difficult to stop, bleeding, back pain, excessive hypothermia, Hot flashes of face, unusual glare, is languid body, blurred vision, become ear, edema It may rarely occur following severe symptoms. Please immediately seek medical attention if that. [Name of symptoms: Symptoms] Shock (anaphylaxis): immediately after taking, itching of the skin, hives, voice hoarse of, Sneezing, throat itching, breathlessness, palpitations, turbidity, etc. of consciousness appears. Skin mucous membrane eye syndrome (Stevens-Johnson syndrome): high fever, bloodshot eyes, eye mucus, sore lips , Sore throat, or sustained a wide range of rash, redness, etc. of the skin, rapidly deteriorated. Liver dysfunction: fever, itching, rash, (yellowing of the skin and the white of the eye) jaundice, Kasshokunyo, General fatigue, Loss of appetite, etc. may occur. Renal Failure: fever, rash, a decrease in amount of urine, swelling of the whole body, the whole body of fatigue, (pain are joints) joint pain, diarrhea, etc. may occur. Aseptic meningitis: severe headache accompanied by bumping the neck, fever, appears symptoms such as nausea and vomiting. (Such symptoms, particularly systemic lupus erythematosus or It is widely reported in humans undergoing treatment for mixed connective tissue disease. ) Interstitial pneumonia: or up the stairs, and stuffy - to have shortness of breath with or a little unreasonable, Chesty coughs, fever and the like can be seen, these are or appear suddenly, to or sustained. Asthma: wheezing when you breathe, the whistling, stuffy, etc. may occur. Aplastic anemia: bruises, nosebleeds, bleeding gums, fever, appear pale skin and mucous membranes, Fatigue, palpitations, shortness of breath, the mood is Klatt worse, hematuria, etc. may occur. Agranulocytosis: a sudden high fever, chills, pain, etc. of the throat may occur. 3. After taking, because there is the following symptoms may occur, the duration of such symptoms or If the enhancement was seen, stop taking the drug, Physician, please consult your pharmacist or registered seller Constipation, thirst of mouth, drowsiness If you can take from 4.3 to 4 times the symptoms are often not (or followed especially heat is more than three days, Also, when heat or iteration) is stop taking the drug, a physician, please consult your pharmacist or registered seller
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