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[Designated 2 drugs] Nicorette Ice Mint 96 pieces

[Designated 2 drugs] Nicorette Ice Mint 96 pieces

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Product Introduction

"96 Nicorette Ice Mint" is a gum type of non smoking aids for people who wish to stop smoking. To relieve symptoms such as irritability, difficulty concentrating at the time of non smoking. (I hate to there is no effect to the tobacco) use the period is the prospect of three months, by reducing gradually the amount, will lead you to the reasonable non smoking. In sugarless coating, it is the hair easy to nicotine gum formulation. ※ people people and that do not smoke now you do not smoke, please do not be used because they have an unfavorable effect on the body. ● Ice mint: mint taste with a cool feeling

Uses / Indications

Relief of symptoms such as non smoking at the time of frustration, difficulty concentrating, restlessness

Recommended Dosage

When you wanted to smoke, while placed between one once slowly, chew over a period of 30 to 60 minutes. Using the number of daily as a guide table, usually appropriately increased or decreased starting from four to 12 day, the total number of used 1 day should not exceed 24. Once you are accustomed to non smoking (one month before and after), reduced by one to two the number of used one day per week, use the number of daily stop using at the stage of a one to two. It should be noted that the period of use is the prospect of three months. 1 dose: one a day maximum use number: 24 A measure of the number of used one day at the start of use The number of cigarettes smoked per day before the non smoking: use the number of daily No more than 20: 4 to 6 21-30 this: 6 to 9 31 or more: 9 to 12 Note related to the dosage and administration 1. It is used in completely stop the smoking. Do not bite more than 2.1 times. (Nicotine is overdose, nausea, dizziness, sometimes symptoms such as abdominal pain appears.) 3. Stop biting you feel a pungent taste and irritation, to rest quick guide to the top hotels, such as the inside of the cheek. Four. That the present agent is not swallowed because gum formulation. In addition, this agent is attached such as dentures, because it may cause the falling off and damage, people who have received dental treatment such as dentures, attention should be paid in use. Five. After drinking such as coffee and carbonated beverages, that does not use this drug for a while. (May not sufficient effect of this drug can be obtained.) 6. Do not use simultaneously with inhalations and sprays used in the mouth. (Irritation of the mouth, throat, which may worsen the symptoms such as sore throat.)

Ingredients / Materials

During one, it contains the following ingredients. Nicotine: 2mg Additive Ion exchange resins, xylitol, acesulfame potassium, sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate, magnesium oxide, talc, peppermint oil, ℓ- menthol, calcium carbonate, dibutylhydroxytoluene, gum arabic powder, hypromellose, titanium oxide, carnauba wax, polysorbate 80, sucralose , perfume, and other 9 components


● it should not be (You can observe not if the current symptoms worse, the side effects are likely to occur) 1. The following people must not be used (1) non-smokers [people who do not smoke-free person and current tobacco be smoked cigarettes] (nausea, dizziness, sometimes symptoms such as abdominal pain appears.) (2) already people who are using other nicotine preparations (3) people who might be pregnant or are pregnant (4) a person with a heavy heart disease 1) 3 months the person who caused the myocardial infarction of the attack within a month 2) people who have been diagnosed in heavy angina pectoris and doctors 3) People who have been diagnosed in heavy arrhythmia and doctors (5) acute cerebral vascular disorders (cerebral infarction, cerebral hemorrhage, etc.) were diagnosed in the doctor with people (6) a person who has been diagnosed with depression and physicians (7) allergic reactions caused by components of the agent or the agent (redness, rash, itching, swelling, etc.) may have caused human (8) people with disabilities in the jaw joint 2. People in nursing Do not use this drug, if you use this drug to avoid breast-feeding (migrate into the breast milk, pulse of the infant it is conceivable that quickened.) 3. Do not the following: immediately after use or during use this drug (1) Smoking (2) use of the nicotine patch formulation Do not use beyond the 4.6 months ● to consult 1. The next person is a physician before use, dentist, to consult a pharmacist or a registered seller (1) who are receiving medical doctor or dentist (2) who are using other drugs (Which may affect the action of other drugs.) (3) people of elderly and less than 20 years old (4) People who have had allergic reactions caused by such as medicine (5) who have the following symptoms Abdominal pain, chest pain, stomatitis, sore throat, throat Cloudy (6) the person who received the following diagnostic Heart disease (myocardial infarction, angina pectoris, arrhythmia), cerebrovascular disorders (cerebral infarction, cerebral hemorrhage, etc.), Buerger's disease (peripheral vascular disease), hypertension, thyroid dysfunction, pheochromocytoma, using diabetes (insulin preparation are people), pharyngitis, esophagitis, gastric and duodenal ulcers, liver disease, or exacerbate kidney disease (symptoms, which may affect the action of the drugs currently in use.) 2. After use, because the following symptoms may appear there is a possibility of side effects, immediately discontinue use and consult with this document doctor, a pharmacist or a registered seller Related areas: Symptoms Mouth, throat: stomatitis, sore throat Digestive ... nausea, vomiting, abdominal discomfort, heartburn, loss of appetite, diarrhea Skin: redness, rash, itching Spirit nervous system: headache, dizziness, thinking decline, drowsiness Cardiovascular: palpitations Other: chest discomfort, chest irritation, facial flushing, facial edema, feeling bad 3. After use, because it may appear similar to the following symptoms, if a sustained or enhancement of these symptoms was observed, discontinue use, doctors have this document, dentist, pharmacist or registered sales to consult a person (1) mouth, throat irritation, roughness of the tongue, the taste of abnormal feeling, saliva increase, gingivitis (slowly chew and of these symptoms may be made lightly.) (2) jaw pain (there is a possibility that there are other causes.) (3) hiccups, belching Four. Accidentally or use beyond the dose that has been determined, in the case where children were swallowed, because sometimes such as the following symptoms may occur, in which case, immediately doctor, pharmacist or registered with this document to consult the seller Nausea, saliva increased, abdominal pain, diarrhea, sweating, headache, dizziness, hearing impairment, systemic weakness (there is a possibility of acute nicotine poisoning.) If you want to continue beyond the 5.3 months, to consult with this document doctor, a pharmacist or a registered seller (there is that nicotine dependence is taken over to this drug by the long-term and large amount of use.) Notes on the storage and handling 1. Store in a less moisture cool place protected from direct sunlight (when stored in hot places, gum becomes difficult to take out attached to the sheet.). 2. Although this drug has become the packaging that children can not easily drilled, it is kept out of the reach of children. 3. Do not replaced with other container (or causing the abuse, change the quality.). Four. Products past the expiration date must not be used. Five. Finished chewing gum may be discarded out of the reach of children wrapped on paper or the like.
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