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Devoted moxibustion Tokushirushi

Devoted moxibustion Tokushirushi

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Product Introduction

"Moxa moxa Tokushirushi 300g" is indirectly lay the jar moxibustion (moxa). Persistence is long for the flavor.

Product Use

● Please mark the moxibustion of laid the way 1. pot. 2. ginger on top of the pot marked, put the moxa rounded to the conical shape of the little finger size on it put the slice, such as garlic. 3. Please put the fire in the incense on top of moxa. 4. the number of times that lay in a day is enough, even once, but it is important to continue it a practice to moxibustion. 5. ginger, other than garlic miso, salt, leaves of the loquat, there are various ways to joint moxibustion, such as pottery. Please find a way to your own. 6. At the end let's clean wipe your skin that laid the moxibustion (the pot), such as with a clean cloth.


● If you are knowledge 1. moxibustion for the first time moxa of use, acupuncturists, please accept the guidance of experts. 2. Please do not and lay a lot of moxa over an appropriate amount "per moxibustion" will occur. 3. If you were in the "per moxibustion" is, to keep the rest of the state to suspend the moxibustion for a while, please an interval of dates. 4. Please do not forcibly put up with the heat. 5. When to remove the moxa by using a pair of tweezers, etc., please take enough care not to drop the spark. 6. Be sure the doctor before use if pregnant, consult your acupuncturist, please go original expert supervision. Please do not upset when there is a moxibustion forbidden hand 1. fever ●. 2. Please do not upset is when the drinking. 3. food and drink, please do not laid bathing before and after an hour. 4. When there are still burn marks, so you fester and forced to lay the moxibustion, please stop absolutely. 5. Please do not keep out of reach of children. Single use of children is dangerous. 6. Please take sufficient care to the large amount of burn you because ventilation the moxa. 7. moxa Please keep in the absence of moisture.
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