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Labo Labo

Dr.Ci:Labo Labo Labo Super-Keana-Gel (50g)

Dr.Ci:Labo Labo Labo Super-Keana-Gel (50g)

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Product Introduction

Clogged pores, keratotic plugs, in skin roughness is a concern, to those interested in the skin which is not worried even pores bounced and I Puru. A multi-function gel, to self-confidence skin of OK even at close range. Labo Labo Super pores gel in this one, lotion, milky lotion, essence, pack, five steps of makeup base to complete, all-in-one gel for pore measures. And pores care ingredients that tighten pores to be worried about, moisturizing ingredients such as collagen and ceramide was confined tightly to the shape of the gel. And pores clogging and keratotic plugs, the roughness in clear, is recommended for those who want to to your skin smooth. The clean feeling feeling of coolness, and tightening the Kyu and your skin. There is also a familiar skin is good, also be used as a makeup base so do not mind sticky recommended. Fragrance-free (we use natural essential oils), no coloring, no mineral oil, paraben-free, alcohol-free, is a prescription stuck to the kindness. Scent of soothing the feelings orange oil "Labo Labo (Labo Labo) super pores gel 50g" is, vitamin C derivative (* 1) Moist balance Nsu film (* 2) is compounded, is the Doctor's Gel, which also serves as the pores measures (all-in-one gel). A pack effect of the gel, beautiful skin components penetrate the stratum corneum. It leads to smooth your skin. Pores care component, horny care ingredients. This will one 5 step is complete (milk lotion, beauty liquid pack makeup base). No fragrance-free coloring-free mineral oil, paraben-free, alcohol-free (we use natural essential oils). (* 1) 3Na palmitate ascorbyl phosphate (product of antioxidant) (* 2) lauroyl glutamate, di (phytosteryl / octyldodecyl) (moisturizer) [Pores care component (skin conditioning component)] cress sprout extract, witch hazel leaf extract, artichoke leaf extract, R. multiflora fruit extract [Horny care ingredients (skin conditioning component)] lactic acid-malic acid-glycolic acid royal jelly acid (10-hydroxy decanoic acid)

Product Use

After washing the face, take an appropriate amount (2 grain position pearl) in the palm of your hand, let soften gently to your entire face.

Ingredients / Materials

Water, BG, Cyclopentasiloxane, diglycerol, methyl gluceth -10, glycerin, olive fruit oil, PEG-75, lactic acid, malic acid, glycolic acid, palmitic acid ascorbyl phosphate 3Na, R. multiflora fruit extract, artichoke leaf extract, Hamamelis leaf extract, cress sprout extract, 10-hydroxy decanoic acid, astaxanthin, lauroyl glutamate, di (phytosteryl / octyldodecyl), soluble collagen, hyaluronic acid crosspolymer Na, hyaluronic acid Na, ceramide NP, polyquaternium -51, polyquaternium -61 , key isomerized sugar, tocopherol, dimethicone crosspolymer, dimethicone, squalane, behenyl alcohol, arachidyl alcohol, tri (caprylic acid / capric acid) glyceryl, glyceryl glucoside, 1.10- decanediol, to ethyl Sill glycerine, pentylene glycol, carbomer, (acrylates / alkyl acrylate (C10-30)) crosspolymer, (hydroxyethyl acrylate / acrylate port yl dimethyl taurine Na) copolymer, lecithin, arachyl glucoside, pentaerythritol monostearate polyglyceryl - 10, stearoyl lactylate Na, polysorbate 60, sebacic acid, hydroxide K, pentetic acid 5Na, peppermint oil, orange oil, phenoxyethanol


● Please do not use in the case of the skin of such scratches, swelling, eczema, rash. Please use wrong with your skin with care good or does not occur ●. When you disagree with your skin, that is Please do not use in the following cases. If you continue to accept, because it may worsen the symptoms, we recommend that you consult your doctor and dermatologist. (1) When in use, redness, swelling and itching and irritation and color missing Earl spots, etc.), etc. - darkening abnormalities appear. (2) to your skin that you use, when an abnormality, such as the direct sunlight appeared. ● When the eyes, please rinse immediately with clean water without rubbing. ● handling with clean hands, please close the lid tightly after use. Also, please stop absolutely be back into the contents again container taken out once. Please be sure to use without the inner lid is discarded ※. ● Avoid direct sunlight and heat and humidity, please keep out of reach of children. ● Because of naturally occurring raw materials used, the color tone. There is the case that some of the difference in smell occurs, there is no problem in quality.
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