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Dr.Ci:Labo UV & WHITE Moisture Gel 50+ (60g)

Dr.Ci:Labo UV & WHITE Moisture Gel 50+ (60g)

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Product Introduction

Prevent drying of the skin by UV damage, moist keep the film prescription adopted, keeps the beautiful skin natural bio-polymer is Hari deliver effectively moisturize the skin that contains a high concentration of moisturizing complex. WHITE377 and Chinpiekisu, green tea extract, also incorporated such as alginic acid, and care sweat and odor while supporting a beautiful skin. Sweat and water, strong water-proof type in sebum. Fragrance-free, color-free, non-mineral oil, paraben-free, alcohol-free

Product Use

Took the appropriate amount (2 grain position pearl), please stretched evenly to the entire face.


● Please do not use in the case of the skin of such scratches, swelling, eczema, rash. When you disagree with your skin ●, ie, please discontinue use in the case, such as the following. If you continue to accept, because it may worsen the symptoms, we recommend that you consult your doctor and dermatologist.  (1) In use, redness, swelling, if itching, abnormal irritation appeared.  (2) to your skin that you use, when an abnormality, such as the direct sunlight appeared. ● When the eyes, please rinse immediately with clean water without rubbing. ● handling with clean hands, well after use Turn off the water, please put in dry place. ● Avoid direct sunlight and heat and humidity, please keep out of reach of children. Because of naturally occurring raw materials used ●, there is the case that some of the difference in color tone occurs, there is no problem in quality.
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