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Dressing L shin that does not extend FC

Dressing L shin that does not extend FC

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Product Introduction

Since the FC [white cross] dressing L shin that does not extend not extend ●, it is useful when you want to secure. Not Hotsu With so ear ●. (At the time of re-use, come in handy) ● Since it has become a semi-antiferromagnetic, length able to use your waste without a family.

Ingredients / Materials

Product ... staple (rayon) 100% Case ... polypropylene


- Winding the end, you need a bandage to stop. · Strongly pulled by wind and may inhibit blood circulation. Please use the loosened a little. - Please do not wound directly to the wound. • When washing, please do not use a chlorine-based bleaching agent, such as bleached flour. • Press wash-shade is the best, but please do not pull the dough at that time. Please keep out of reach of attention-children on the storage. - Direct avoid the sunlight, please keep in a cool place as much as possible with low humidity. • This case is You can use it as a storage case.
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