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Drop 10kg + Burn 20% Fat Diet Supplement (75 Servings)

Drop 10kg + Burn 20% Fat Diet Supplement (75 Servings)

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Product Introduction

"Aim body weight 10kg + fat 20% diet grain 75 bags" is, Salacia, Gymnema, Kidachiaroe, red pepper (capsicum), is a supplement containing a combination of chitosan and the like. Also of relaxing herbs, also added St. John's Wort, you can start with clean mood. Please help us every day for health and beauty. Large-capacity 2.5-month size of 21 century diet diet advisors thought. Large size deals.

Ingredients / Materials

Salacia reticulata extract 60mg Gymnema sylvestre 24mg Seawater extract 12mg St. John's Wort 12mg Kidachiaroe 12mg Chitosan (crab) 12mg Red pepper powder 6mg


Since this product is a diet supplement, but there are no special provisions in such as the amount of eat, enjoy a guide about 1 day 1 bag with water or lukewarm water.
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