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Du zhong tea 100% 50 follicles

Du zhong tea 100% 50 follicles

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Product Introduction

It is 100 percent healthy tea using the Eucommia leaf. Please help us by all means to daily health maintenance.

Product Use

If you enjoy ● In the case of a teapot ● Put the tea bags 1 package in a teapot, please pour the hot water. Your choice of depth, please enjoy If you have out fragrance. Color is served until no. ● If you boil down ● Put the tea pack 1-2 wrapped in hot water is boiled (about 1 liter), please be boiled until the depth of your choice. Please enjoy transferred to If you have finished the pot or the like. In addition, it also served to cool.

Ingredients / Materials

Ingredients: Eucommia leaf
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