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Enchanting ass medicinal Booty Gel (Quasi-drug)

Enchanting ass medicinal Booty Gel (Quasi-drug)

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Product Introduction

It is a gel that carps pimples, blackheads, dardar hips. It prevents skin roughness, that skin, rash, rash, chapped, acne, suppresses the formation of melanin, prevents spots and freckles. Attractive to the ass! Darkening-to rash measures! Skin care cream of skin-beautifying component placenta extract combination! Medicated cream to help moisturizing moisture keep. Ass not easily visible on your own. But be surprisingly there is a rash, blackheads? Firmly care before seen someone! Hard to put a burden on the skin, it can also be used in the buttocks and back ☆ "Enchanting ass Gel" is, placenta down extract, sodium chondroitin acid is a medicated body gel formulations such as glycyrrhizin dipotassium. Prevent rash acne, and prepares to smooth and firm skin. Quasi-drugs. Such as "rash acne", is hip invisible'm myself, firmly care before seen someone in the "enchanting ass Gel"!

Product Use

Please elaborate fill in areas of concern ass took the appropriate amount.

Ingredients / Materials

Placenta (1), dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, ethanol, phytosphingosine, lactoferrin solution, artichoke extract, 2-methacryloyloxyethyl phosphorylcholine-butyl methacrylate polymer solution, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, sodium chondroitin sulfate, N- acetylglucosamine, hydrous decomposition silk solution, natto extract, Coix extract, horse chestnut extract, carboxyvinyl polymer, potassium hydroxide, xanthan gum, polyoxyethylene polyoxypropylene decyl tetradecyl ether, perfume, ethyl parahydroxybenzoate, Palau


- Direct sunlight Do not store in a location that hit directly. - Please immediately rinse with lukewarm water, etc. In case of contact with eyes.
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