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excel (Excel) skinny rich teak RC02: Pure Peach

excel (Excel) skinny rich teak RC02: Pure Peach

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Product Introduction

Color and color retention of surprise Moist contact cheek Powder Even though, in close contact feeling like cream teak Of powder cheek and [blur ease], it was and is keep good of cream teak [contact feeling and sustainability, oozing such coloring], fluffy and moist adhesion cheek. In moist and adhesion as cream powdery texture zero. And color from the inside so that ooze with Juwa'. Cream but want a florid makeup trend teak is also recommended for those that it is difficult ... to blur. And color of Tsuketate is as it is sustained - put in that throughout skin care

Product Use

Basis The highest position of the cheek, put right next to the black under the eyes Atari   I want to be cute! Who at the time and surface length that you want to show cute is a little put right beside inboard   I want to be mature! When you want to show mature, somewhat obliquely towards the round face is a concern

Ingredients / Materials

Talc, Toriechiruhekisanoin, sorbitan stearate, zinc laurate, diisostearyl malate, jojoba seed oil, grape seed oil, squalane, chamomile flower extract, rosemary leaf extract, tocopherol, octyldodecyl myristate, methylparaben, (+ / -) ultramarine, mica, yellow 4, gold, titanium oxide, iron oxide, hydroxide Al, red 226


- Please use abnormality close attention or does not occur in the skin. When you do not fit in, your skin, please discontinue use. Or press on the strong force because - It is a very delicate items, please do not give a strong shock.
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