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FC gauze 1m 2 pieces

FC gauze 1m 2 pieces

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■ enter two FC gauze 1m × [white cross] ● natural fiber! "FC gauze 1m × 2 pieces" of 100% cotton is the gauze type I. Next-to-skin absorption force preeminent well in software. It is a good gauze of very easy to use. As destined gauze masks and burn or is also ideal for abrasion of the allowance,.


● After use, please processing hygienically not flush the toilet. ● wash the dirty gauze with blood or the like, please do not used for the re-treatment of the wound. Storage Precautions ● attention to water leakage during storage, high temperature, high humidity, to avoid direct sunlight, please keep in a clean place. ● Please keep out of the reach of children.
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