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Fine egg yolk garlic

Fine egg yolk garlic

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Product Introduction

Egg yolk oil which is used in this product is a new egg yolk oil by birth enzyme separation method by research between long and universities. This is compared to the conventional egg yolk oil, it was found to contain many components such as lysolecithin. This product is added thereto and garlic extract of our development, is a dietary supplement wrapped in easy soft drink. Please help us to maintain daily health.

Product Use

● Please enjoy a guide 4 tablets a day as a dietary supplement with water or hot water.

Ingredients / Materials

Wheat germ oil, egg yolk oil, garlic extract, pig extraction placenta (domestic), emulsifier (monoglyceride, beeswax), vitamin E, encapsulant (gelatin, glycerin) (including some of the raw soybeans)

Ingredients / Materials

4 tablets (liquid content 1.12g) per Energy 8.4kcal Protein 0.77g Lipid 0.46g Carbohydrate 0.30g Sodium 4.2g


- Please put out of reach of infants, children. - Please do not give to infants, children. Pregnancy Those traveling on breastfeeding, please do not eat - while taking the medicine, those in hospital, please consult your doctor. - The direction of food allergy is on the check display all of the components, please enjoy. · The constitution physical condition, it may not fit in rare cases the body (rash, stomach discomfort, etc.). In that case, please discontinue your use. And color, etc. for use of the natural origin of the raw materials you may want to change, but there is no problem in quality.
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