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Fluffy rice Toyama Prefecture Koshihikari (200g × 3P × 8 pieces)

Fluffy rice Toyama Prefecture Koshihikari (200g × 3P × 8 pieces)

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Product Introduction

Stick to rice and water and manufacturing processes, is sterile packaged cooked rice that take advantage of the original flavor rice. Since the acidulant of non-use additive-free safe and secure. Rice will enjoy as it is the original flavor. Using the clean steam, complete the "short-time high temperature sterilization" in the water and the raw material rice. This has enabled the production of sour fee non-use additive-free

Ingredients / Materials

Ingredients: rice


Product Size (height × depth × width): 277mm × 323mm × 180mm


[Notes] is as much as possible as soon as possible, please enjoy after opening. Since it has become hot after heating, please note burns when peeling off the film and (lid) when removed from the microwave oven.
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