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For [2 drugs] Rohto Pharmaceutical Doo test · hCG 2 times

For [2 drugs] Rohto Pharmaceutical Doo test · hCG 2 times

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Product Introduction

"Rohto for Doo test · hCG 2 times", the detection of hCG in the urine, is a common pregnancy test agent of easy-to-use form with simple. Detected in small urine, it can be determined in about 1 minute, with an accuracy of 99% or more, to detect hCG. In the confirmation sign, notice or not properly inspected. It is also useful because the determination method is also described to stick. ● firmly catch the urine in two seconds. ● easy to over due to the large urine collection section, urine is the pile structure in the wings. ● with a cap in the back, you reach out the length of the stick. ● 2 this (for 2 times) ○ trimester of importance Early pregnancy is a very important time to various organs such as the brain and heart of the fetus is formed, the fetus is there also a time susceptible to influence from the outside. Therefore, to know as soon as possible whether they are pregnant, with give enough attention to the use of nutrition and medicine, drinking, smoking, be avoided, such as infections and radiation, such as rubella, healthy growth and maternal fetal I very important for the health of. ○ pregnancy is understood mechanism (principle of inspection)] When pregnant, human chorionic gonadotropin called hCG is produced by the body, the urine It will be excreted. Doo test · hCG is colloidal gold chromatographic immunoassay By law, it is a pregnancy test kit to detect the hCG of this in the urine. The inspection agents are pregnant It is whether or not to have the one that auxiliary inspection, in any manner serve to perform a definitive diagnosis of pregnancy Must not.

Product Use

Intended use Human chorionic gonadotropin in urine detection (hCG) (inspection of pregnancy) how to use ● time that can inspection You can check after approximately one week of physiological expected date. In addition, morning, noon, night, you can check in the urine of which time zone. [Procedure of inspection] And operation please that it is done correctly according to the procedures defined in. • After urine collection, please do as soon as possible inspection. There is that test results will vary upon standing long the urine. - individual package Please remove the test stick was opened to inspection immediately before. 1. Put the cap back. 2. Multiplying the urine about two seconds. (Please do not over a period of 5 seconds or more ※.) ※ If you use a paper cup or the like using a clean ones, dry, please take as more than 2 seconds the entire urine collecting part is immersed. Please do not put in more than 15 seconds. ※ terrible urine or foreign matter is mixed urine turbidity, please do not use. 3. And the cap, wait for about 1 minute on a flat place. Please avoid judgment of the past 10 minutes ※. [Way of judgment] · Please make sure that the line in the confirmation part of the stick window is out. (If out thinly to be confirmed part line you can properly test) ● positive [Decision] when the vertical line of red-purple came to the part (thin vertical line to be the determination portion is positive When you appear) Reaction of pregnancy reaction there pregnancy was observed. There is a possibility you are pregnant. Please consult a doctor as soon as possible. ● negative [Decision] when the vertical line of red-purple was not out in part In the examination of this time without the pregnancy reaction pregnancy was not observed. However, if the subsequent physiological does not start, please consult the re-examination or the physician to. ※ Notes on decision ● In addition to pregnancy, the following cases, it may result is positive. • For menopause In the case of · hCG-producing tumors (such as choriocarcinoma) • If you are receiving the administration, such as gonadotropin agent ● Even when there is no physiological was scheduled, the following cases, it may result is negative. • If the physiology of the cycle is irregular • If you make a mistake the number of days calculated by the misunderstanding of the user • If the initial in the urine hCG amount of pregnancy is not enough In the case of abnormal pregnancy (such as ectopic pregnancy) In the case of-fetal abnormality (utero death, such as Mooring miscarriage) · Hydatidiform mole when a large amount of hCG is secreted by etc.

Ingredients / Materials

One during the test stick Anti-hCG antibody (rabbit) solution: 1μL Colloidal gold-labeled anti-hCG · monoclonal antibody (mouse) solution: 33μL Detection sensitivity: 50IU / L


● it should not be From the inspection results, please not the definitive diagnosis of pregnancy on their own. And judgment is but there is a possibility you are pregnant, if positive, can not be determined until whether normal pregnancy, please consult a doctor as soon as possible. · The definitive diagnosis of pregnancy, is to diagnose the establishment of the overall pregnancy from the results, such as doctors interview and ultrasonic inspection. ● to consult 1. People who are undergoing infertility treatment, please consult your doctor before use. 2. Even the determination is a negative, then if the physiological does not start, or the re-examination, or please consult your doctor. Notes on inspection time 1. If the menstrual cycle is steadily You can test after approximately one week of physiological expected date. However, in the initial stage of pregnancy, there are also rare cases that hCG is very small for some people, it may indicate a negative or ambiguous results. From out such a result, in the case still physiological standing approximately one week does not start, or the re-examination, or please consult your doctor. 2. If menstruation is irregular Determine the date on the basis of the previous period, please inspection generally after one week. If the result does not start thereafter also in negative physiological, either a re-examination, or please consult your doctor. Other Notes Test stick after use, please dispose of in accordance with disposal method of each municipality as plastic garbage. Note on the storage and handling - Please keep out of the reach of children. - Direct to avoid the sunlight, please keep in a cool place as much as possible with low humidity. · Bag of test stick until just before use, please do not open. - that only the expiration date, please do not use. Storage and validity period Indoor storage 22 months (expiry date is described in the bag of the outer box and the test stick)
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