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For Dunlop water pillow DX adult

For Dunlop water pillow DX adult

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Product Introduction

"Dunlop stable water pillow for natural rubber adult" is a natural rubber waterblock (water pillow). The center joined with rubber pillar, stable that suppresses the movement of water and ice. Fever or during the summer of sleep, etc., please widely available. For adults.

Product Use

1. After you put the water or ice pieces 2/3 (about 1.8L) degree in water pillow, please disconnect to push the inside of the air. 2. While the water pillow and clamping bracket, so please open the space of about 1cm both left and right. * Happens when I make the one-sided tightening direction from either the left and right with the cause of water leakage. 3. the center of the clamping bracket, please straight parallel tighten to come always in the middle of the water pillow neck. * It can cause water leakage, please make sure that you are straight tight to be sure the neck. 4. Before you use, please check whether the fastener is tightened tightly.

Ingredients / Materials

Water pillow body: natural rubber clamping bracket: metal (chrome plating)


1. Because the cold water can drop of water in it and water pillow surface with ice, please use a towel around. 2. This product is a water pillow only. Please do not use as a hot water bottle to put the hot water. 3. Please do not drink use the water. 4. Wash the inner and outer cotton after use with water, hung in the bottom of the mouth of the water pillow, please shade. 5. Remove the clamping bracket, please keep. 6. Since the pain to you when the rubber is quickly leaving a location exposed to sunlight, after the dry, please keep in a cold and dark place in a state in which the stretched put in storage bags. 7. storage sprinkle baby powder or the like to the inside of the water pillow and more long-lasting.
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