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Gently Rakukea soft beef European curry (100G)

Gently Rakukea soft beef European curry (100G)

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Product Introduction

"Gently Rakukea soft beef of European curry 100g (division Tsubuseru 2 / gums)" it is, and the light brown onions, curry taste is mellow taste of apple paste (staple food (nursing diet)). In addition, we added soft and juicy beef, also potatoes, carrots. House stew a unique technology in the soft and the charged Meat and smaller cut vegetables, and finish easy to eat for those who are less likely to eat things hard. Classification Tsubuseru 2 / gums. One person.

Product Use

[How to make (1) Boil water in a pot, you stop the fire boils. (2) bag without cutting the seal of (retort pouch), placed in the boiling water, and warm about 3 minutes. Please be sure to warm up in the hot water ○. ● ingredients are there likely to rupture: Please do not heat in the microwave oven and transferred to the container. ● of the source at the time of the bag opening scattering: Please served from sure the temperature so as not to burn.

Ingredients / Materials

Vegetables (potatoes, carrots) beef tallow lard mixed oil flour sugar saute onion apple paste curry powder starch salt yeast extract chicken broth ginger paste tomato paste butter milk powder coconut milk powder garlic paste spices yogurt seasoning (such as amino acids) caramel coloring spice extracts things acidulant flavoring

Ingredients / Materials

One person (100g) energy 100kcal protein 3.9g fat 5.2g Carbohydrate 9.4g sodium 390mg (sodium chloride equivalent 0.99g)


※ Because there is a difference in the ability to swallow those who need help with eating, please watch how to swallow. In addition, if the ingredients are likely to be larger, please crush like a spoon. ※ After opening, please fill up at once. If unopened, it served also again warm again. ※ This product is because it is a retort pouch food, preservatives are not used. You can save a long period of time at room temperature.
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