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Giga power premium (2 tablets)

Giga power premium (2 tablets)

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Product Introduction

Greatness !! Gigakurasu !! only two tablets a surprise! Supplicant !! Tongkat Ali extract and Kurachaidamu haste force of! The main component of the "Tongkat Ali Extract", compounding the "Kurachaidamu" of reputation. Is a 100% power supplements of natural ingredients. ● such as the chemicals are not mixed at all. ● long pepper acting on the blood flow system. Features of the long pepper to support basal metabolism and blood flow may act to warm the body to promote blood flow. At times like these, those who like to and chemical synthesis If you are concerned about the desired direction and side effects and addictive use to only when the anxiety is a certain direction and necessary chemicals

Product Use

Please drink with water or plain hot water to guide the two tablets once a day. Estimated ... once 2 tablets per day

Ingredients / Materials

Tongkat Ali extract (100-fold concentration), Kurachaidamu extract, ginseng extract powder, garlic extract powder, Hihatsuekisu end, ginkgo leaf extract, ginger extract powder, red Gaukurua extract powder, L- arginine, Fuyuchunatsu Soshi entity end, Kang crab-click Jeu iodide extract powder encapsulant ... gelatin, caramel color

Ingredients / Materials

(Per 100g) amount of heat ··· 380kcaL protein ··· 14.3g sodium ··· 167mg carbohydrate ··· 71.5g lipid ··· 4.1g


· Please observe the daily intake. - Children under 12 years old, please avoid the use.
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