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"Hadabisei" Penetrating Moisture Firming Face Masks (4 Sheets)

"Hadabisei" Penetrating Moisture Firming Face Masks (4 Sheets)

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Product Introduction

"Hadabisei moisture penetration mask tightening 4 pieces" is a pack to arrange your skin Kyu and tightening, the skin smooth. Charcoal component and the Okinawa area of ​​the ground deeply slowly nurtured the ancient ocean water (hot spring water) derived from components, such as the blending ceramide. Keeping your skin healthy, it tightens the pores. The skin four capacity Kyu and tightening, smooth to beautiful skin. In your skin open pores is a concern, skin-pores + TamotsuJun care by Essence of tightening ingredients. Natural aging mineral (hot spring water) (tightening component) and ceramide (moisturizing) formulation. Adopt a black sheet kneaded with charcoal component. Moist feel up. Amino acids (glycine, proline) gives moisture to the skin.

Product Use

1 After carefully washing the face, and prepares the skin with lotion. Spread 2 Remove the mask, please be brought into close contact with the entire face from in accordance with the next to the mouth of the position according to the first in the eyes of the position. (Please note the dripping) 3 as it is for 5 to 15 minutes (if the drying of the skin becomes more worried about 20 minutes) Remove the mask from Oite. Please let me rub by hand remaining cosmetic solution to the 4 face. Use of one to two times a week is a standard.
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