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"Hatomugi" Pearl Barley Extract Powder 100% (145g)

"Hatomugi" Pearl Barley Extract Powder 100% (145g)

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Product Introduction

"Hatomugi, Pearl Barley Extract Powder 100% (145g)" is a concentrated extract of pearl barley. In China, it is called the pearl barley of beautiful women. Although pearl barely is a favorite for its high nutritional value leading to health and beauty, it is difficult to absorb due to its hard coating. We have extracted the essence of pearl barley making it easier to benefit from its nutritional properties.

Product Use

● directly enjoy 2-4 cups per day. ● tea or coffee, you can enjoy even more delicious if you dissolved in such milk.

Ingredients / Materials

Pearl barley

Ingredients / Materials

Energy per Nutritional facts 100g 385kcal Protein 3.3g fat 0g carbohydrate 92.0g sodium 306mg


The lot so we use only natural pearl barley ●, taste, smell, although there is some change in the color or the like, this, please enjoy with confidence because it is not a deterioration by oxidation. (Different umbrella by lot, but please understand.) ● After opening as soon as possible, please enjoy. ● When you think it does not disagree with, please, or stopped to reduce the amount of eat.
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