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Hokkaido Yubari Melon Soft Candy

Hokkaido Yubari Melon Soft Candy

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Product Introduction

![LP01]( ![LP02]( Using the melon, it is a good soft candy of Doke mouth. Served with confidence to the snack for children.

Ingredients / Materials

Reduced starch syrup, sugar, full-fat condensed milk, syrup, vegetable oil, melon fruit juice, condensed skim milk, cream, skimmed milk powder, gelatin (derived from pigs), vegetable protein (soy), salt, trehalose, acidulant, flavoring, paprika dye ,emulsifier


Contents: 105g (included individually wrapped)


How to save: direct sunlight, avoiding heat and humidity, please save. ● on Handling Note: After opening as soon as possible, please enjoy. ● this product, please note that there is a case in which dental treatment material can be taken because there is a sticky. ● You may have rarely entered an empty bag, but for the full measure, I would like to acknowledge you so we entered exactly as shown.
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