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Homme Need Kinesiology tape

Homme Need Kinesiology tape

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Please paste your tape directly to the skin when you intend to use. 1. Wipe the site of the sweat and grease to stick. 2. Turn off the tape to length according to the site to stick. 3. If you stick along with the basics of How to paste ○ muscle: in a state in which the stretched muscle to fix stuck on your skin the end of the tape, please put little by little so as to not pull. ○ If you were put in to wrap the joint: fixed stuck on your skin the center of the tape, please put with a little tension. ● Usage example (1) is fixed to the instep of the heel and foot (2) stick by pulling up to calf


◎ Please use the correct taping method used example with reference. 1. wound, rash by persons or adhesive tape with a skin inflammation, if you are allergic symptoms, please do not directly use. For the first time those who use, it is recommended that you consult your doctor. Please use only under the guidance of a doctor if you are using for treatment. 2. During use, itching or rash, when the symptoms appear, such as inflammation of the skin, discontinue use, we recommend immediately that you consult your doctor or pharmacist. ■ Please keep them out of the reach of Notes 1. children on the storage and handling. 2. high temperature, humidity, direct sunlight, please keep in a cool place if possible.
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