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IPSA rush retouch turbocharger over 5.0g

IPSA rush retouch turbocharger over 5.0g

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Product Introduction

Or fall curl over time, to the eyelashes that have dull and flaky, you fix for the mascara to revive the color gloss curl such as Tsuketate. While double-sided comb-type brush separating one by one the eyelashes, thereby spread the lash styling component and shine coating oil high curl effect, beautiful eyelashes instantly. In addition, by making the mascara liquid to semi-transparent navy blue, it revived the deep blacks

Product Use

1. Secure the curl pressing the surface of the coil groove in the base of the eyelashes, to spread the liquid towards the hair tips. 2. Use the surface of the comb teeth, desert entire eyelashes from the root.

Ingredients / Materials

Hydrogenated polyisobutene, (palmitate / ethylhexanoate) dextrin, triisostearate, dextrin palmitate, sucrose acetate stearate, diisostearyl malate, trimethylsiloxy silicic acid, isostearic acid, isododecane, dimethylsilyl silica, tetra isostearate sucrose, arginine, camellia seed oil, water, DPG, tri (trimethylsiloxy) silyl propyl carbamic acid pullulan, tocopherol, simethicone, BHT, zinc oxide, tetrahydropyran tetramethylcyclotetrasiloxane, tetradecene, triethoxy caprylyl silane, ultramarine, oxide iron
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