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It's Mitsukan kelp soup Moto 3 times 800ml

It's Mitsukan kelp soup Moto 3 times 800ml

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Product Introduction

The combined out of the soup to bonito and anchovies of kelp, it is a soup of flavor with a mellow flavor. Boiled (5 to 6 times dilution), Tentsuyu-bowl compound (3 to 4 times dilution), stew, stew noodles (8 to 9 times dilution), as the base of Oden of (12 to 13-fold dilution), such as a wide range of cuisine seasoned of course, over soup of noodles (6 to 7 times dilution) as well as, put juice (3-fold dilution), you can use delicious. Flavor spread, aftertaste mellow, Please try the soup flavor fragrant soup.

Ingredients / Materials

Ingredients: fructose-glucose liquid sugar, soy sauce (brewed), salt, yeast extract,'s a concentrated (kelp, dried bonito, anchovy), seaweed extract, alcohol, seasoning (amino acids), acidulant, a part of the (raw including wheat)


Product size (height x depth x width): 249.0mmx77.0mmx77.0mm
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